We, the Youth of the United States,

are badly served by the governance and direction of our nation and the world. Our future is in peril. If the misconduct against our generation, humanity, and the planet continues, the American Dream our parents and grandparents experienced will become our American Nightmare.

We believe that all people—and all generations—are created equal, and like the Founders, we hold that all are endowed with equal rights and responsibilities. Further, all people and generations are to be treated equally.

We believe that in a Nation founded on equality, all people have a guaranteed birthright of freedom, opportunity, fairness, health, and well-being. We rely upon the institutions of government, society, and business to protect this birthright and behave justly.

We believe that our birthright has been violated, and we are inheriting a damaged future. Enough is enough. We have been left worse off than prior generations for the first time in our Nation’s history.

We will not accept an unfair future of incomprehensible debt, punitive taxation, economic disparity, military conscription, chronic disease, and environmental disaster.

Many in the establishment are robbing our birthright, the American legacy, and the planet. These plunderers exploit the institutions of government, society, and business to create a global empire and a new nobility that controls all resources, manipulates the media and markets, exploits current events and disasters, and treats the world as their private property.

The plunderers have created a political and business machine based on short-term, selfish greed and thirst for absolute power. They are stealing our security, destroying our planet, and selling out the long-term interests of our generation and its descendants.

The United States was formed to protect the interests of all citizens, including its young people. Our Constitution mandates liberties, rights, duties, and protects the people from oppression. Our Constitution also sustains our nation from one generation to the next, where defending the future and its legacy are as important as caring for the present.

We, the youth, have inherited an unfair and unsustainable state of affairs. Our future has not been defended. If the people of the United States do not acknowledge the problems that confront us and move to rectify them, we, the youth, may not have a future worth living.

We believe that time has come for our Government and the establishment to respect our birthright and manage affairs based on long-term interests and the greater good. The nation’s leaders must be held accountable for their actions and end the plundering of our future.

We believe that the American Dream is at risk. We live in a world where:

Our Health has Collapsed.
We are suffering an epidemic of chronic, preventable diseases of abuse and neglect. We are being poisoned by the food we are fed and the drugs we are prescribed. Media, education, and government all brainwash us into thinking poisons are good for us. As a consequence, we are on the path to be the sickest generation in history. As children, we have the diseased arteries of the elderly. One in three of us will develop diabetes, more than half of us will become obese, and half of us will get cancer. Our lifespan is expected to be less than our parents.

Our Educational System is Unfair.
A quality education is now the private property of the rich. Too many of our public schools are ineffective and decrepit, especially in the inner cities and rural America. A decent education, one leading to equality of opportunity, is largely out of reach to most people. Our skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and engineering are far behind our peers in the nations with which we must compete. The education system is manipulated by special interests for their own purposes, rather than for the service to the youth.

Our Environment is Being Destroyed.
The devastation is putting mankind at risk. Our natural resources are being pillaged, deserts are being created, and clean water is becoming a luxury. Raw materials are being consumed unsustainably. If this alarming exhaustion continues, our generation could have nothing left to live on. Global warming is changing the entire landscape of opportunity and risks, and little is being done to immediately fix what is known to be enduring damage. Some even deny its existence. Caring for the environment is considered a burdensome expense, rather than a necessity for our future.

Our Planet is Toxic and Dirty.
Irresponsible agriculture, manufacturing, power generation, and extraction of fossil fuels and metals are poisoning our lives. Our food and water now poison us with a host of diseases. In cities all over the world the sun is obscured from view by a filthy screen of pollution. It’s impossible for humankind to flourish in a habitat coated with toxic sludge and wrapped in putrid air.

Our Debt is Incomprehensible, Immoral, and Unsupportable.
We are assuming an unbounded national debt and social welfare obligations, which increase dramatically day by day. We are told that that debt does not matter—by those who will be dead before payment is due. We are obliged under penalty of law to fund massive social programs that benefit the old, but which will sap our productivity and which are projected to be insolvent by the time we might benefit from them.

Our Livelihoods are Imperiled.
We are inheriting an economy that imports too many of its needs, exports our jobs, and runs massive trade deficits, all in the name of short-term business profits. The gap between rich and poor is widening, poverty is spreading, real wages and purchasing power are decreasing for the middle class, gasoline is unaffordable, homes are being repossessed at record rates, and the prospect of earning a living wage with job security and healthcare is a relic of the past.

Our Lives are Not Our Own.
We are being conscripted to fight the wars of the plunderers, serving their ambitions and settling their scores. Many leaders care more about the illusion of victory, despite the costs, than about living in peace. We are told by our leaders that the “war on terror” will last our entire lives, and perhaps that of our children. We are asked to breed children to fight this war which we did not start and which offers no prospect of peace or compromise.

Our Civil Rights are Besieged.
We are being spied on by government and business, our right to read or write what we wish is being undermined, our freedom of inquiry is being legislated away, and the courts are becoming tools of special interests.

Our Public Servants Are, in Too Many Cases, Engaged in Scandal and Selling the Assets of the Government to the Highest Bidder or Closest Friend.
Corruption, graft, waste, fraud, and conspiracy have become so common that they are ignored by the media and swept under a rug. The contract of honor and fiduciary responsibility between the government and its people has been broken. The government cannot even perform its most basic function of security in times of disaster, with Hurricane Katrina as just one example.

Our Laws are Made and Money is Spent to Pander to Large Special Interest Groups with Organized Lobbies and Voting Strength, Like Baby Boomers and Seniors.
For the purpose of getting elected today, legislators ignore our long-term interests, granting earmarks, entitlements, and expanding our debt to buy votes.

Our Media Does Not Represent Our Interests or Give Us Voice.
Media is regulated and manipulated by the government and the establishment. The large media conglomerates serve as instruments of power and special interests selling us consumer goods and propaganda. Because we cannot trust the mainstream media, we rely on the Internet. But now it too is being purchased and manipulated by the same conglomerates and special interests. Slowly and surely, the regulators and courts are limiting its freedoms of privacy, expression, and organization. Governments around the world are censoring the Internet and employing it as a tool of espionage and coercion.

Some of Our Elders Do Not Really Believe in the Future.
Many religious and political leaders in the United States and abroad wish to see an “end of times” that will fulfill scriptural prophecies. We wish to live and live well. We do not want to die, and we do not wish for the planet to perish.

Many aspects of the world are in decline, and if things are left to evolve as they are, our nation and planet will suffer a Millennial Collapse. Our future prospects will go down or up, but we know that things will not stay the same. Timeless wisdom tells us that without our action, things will not miraculously get better.

We, the youth, the fair-minded, and the legacy bearers, must seize this great divide as a tremendous opportunity. We must immediately unite to end plundering and transform our current condition. Either we will create our future and define the next era by our actions, or we will suffer the consequences. We must unite and assume the heroic role of leading the Millennial Emergence, a movement to change and save our society and planet.

Plunderers have attacked our generation. The world we are inheriting is turning into a disaster. The evidence is manifest, vivid, and clear. To deny the problems exist, and their severity, is living in a fantasy.

The plunderers seek to put off solutions until tomorrow, until long after they are dead or living in retirement within gated communities. Their inability to fix the mess we are in, and their escalation of it, insults our intelligence, attacks our birthright, and poisons our future.

The youth of the United States must be committed to ending plunderism and its attacks. We must answer the call of our times and repair our world, creating fairness, justice, and opportunity for all.

A Millennial Emergence is only possible through hard work, shared sacrifice, and unified purpose. We must accept that we have no other choice.

We must correct the mistakes, incompetence, and sins of the plunderers and right the wrongs we have inherited. We must seek no retribution.

We remain committed to the Constitution of the United States and the rule of law. We will defend our nation and its freedom with more vigor than any previous generation.

We must vote in unprecedented numbers and exert our political power to become a force with which the establishment must contend. We must use the size of our numbers, the loudness of our voice, and financial power as instruments of change and accountability. We are the largest demographic group in the United States, and once unified, We can control America’s political landscape.

If we are united in purpose and resolved in action, the effects of the Millennial Emergence will be strong and immediate. We will recreate the American dream and ensure our birthright. We must begin the process of restoration and transformation. We have an urgent agenda that repairs our inheritance and planet.

The Government of the United States of America must:

Innovate the Next Generation of Energy by Implementing an Apollo Space Program or Manhattan Nuclear Program-Like Project to Invent New Sources of Non-fossil Fuel Energy That is Without Carbon Emission.
The energy source could be from blue-sky innovations such as hydrogen or fusion, or by other means. The solution should be gridless, which means that power is generated within the device or unit of consumption—the car, house, business, or factory.

It must be a national program driven by the President, granted cabinet-level authority, endowed with 30 to 40 billion dollars of spending authority per year, independent of partisan machinations (like the Federal Reserve), its mandate to invent our way out of the mess we are in within the next 10 to 15 years.

Resource contention over oil and gas is the largest geopolitical threat in the world, and if a new form of clean energy is innovated, such as fusion or hydrogen, history will be changed.

The program should be established with wartime powers to remove any and all clearance and cooperation impediments. The institution should be temporary, as permanent bureaucracies never foster innovation and quick implementation, and they attempt to prolong their existence and become special interests, rather than just getting the job completed.

Innovating the next generation of energy is not just improving the status quo and pandering to special interests. It is not incremental technology, such as improving the 100-plus-year-old coal, gas, and oil platforms we use today. It is not about fear of loss from entrenched interests, but rather opportunity for gain by all. Conservation and improved use of current technologies still must be done, but we cannot confuse that with creating a future that takes mankind into its next epoch.

This program is about innovations that can free us of foreign oil dependence and conflict, restore the environment by eliminating carbon emissions, make energy cheap and plentiful, and become an incredible growth and job engine for the American economy.

Skeptics, and those who have vested interests in oil, gas and coal, will argue that such a program is unrealistic and overly ambitious. A similar mentality doubted that we could put a man on the moon, decode the human genome, harness electricity, or establish American democracy. Humanity progresses when it is optimistic and dedicates itself to the challenge. Inventing the next generation of energy will take incredible dedication and a lot of money, but the results will yield returns that dwarf the sacrifice.

The United States has an intrinsic innovation advantage over the rest of the world, and we must not squander the opportunity to lead and own the most important inventions in energy. We believe that it is possible, given our rate of technology advancement, to achieve this in time to save our environment and avoid energy wars in the future.

Inventing the next source of energy is the single greatest thing that changes the world for the better. There is nothing more important to our society. It is the call and legacy of the Millennial generation. It will be the greatest achievement in the history of mankind.

Restore and Protect Our Environment and the Planet.
We must immediately reverse and repair environmental desecration. We are quickly entering an era where survival will be difficult for many humans. We must clean the toxicity from our living conditions, as it is causing unprecedented disease and suffering.

Eliminate Wars Caused by Scarcity, Resource Contention, Plunderers, Ethnic and Religious Intolerance, and Economic and Military Imperialism.
We support the need to protect and preserve our nation, our freedom, our allies, and our interests. We support our military and soldiers for their valor and patriotism, and we wish to create a world of peace.

Provide Quality Nutrition and Healthcare For All Youth.
Every child must have health insurance and proper nourishment, whatever his or her family’s income, ethnicity, and class. We must eliminate preventable chronic diseases and end the poisoning that is leading to a generation of obesity and diabetes and other preventable miseries such as hunger and malnutrition.

Provide Equality of Education and Learning Resources For All People and Economic Classes.
This is our investment in our future livelihood and ability to compete in a global economy.

Balance the Fiscal Budget and Eliminate the 10 Plus-Trillion-Dollar National Debt.
Our liability is horrifying and is increasing at an unsustainable level. It is not fair to expect us to pay off the reckless spending and consumption of the plunderers. We must not be forced to live in a world where we are indebted to countries that are potential competitors or adversaries. Our economy could collapse if they call in their loans or stop buying our Treasury Bills.

Restructure and Fully Fund Social Security, Medicare, and Other Social Insurance Commitments and Liabilities.
We believe, for the most part, benefit commitments must be fully funded, and we must not expect them to be paid for by later generations. Today, we have more than 50 trillion dollars of future Medicare commitments to our elders, up from 20 trillion dollars in the year 2000. It is criminal to pass unfunded liabilities of this size to one’s children.

End Large Structural Trade Imbalances.
Current account deficits of nearly 1 trillion dollars per year are unsustainable, and now for the first time in history, the United States is a net debtor nation. Unabated, the trade and current account deficits will decimate American liquidity and damage our ability to invest in our infrastructure to maintain acceptable levels of economic growth.

Restore Our Industrial Base and Security of The Middle Class.
More people are falling into poverty, and real wages for the middle classes have been declining for 30 years. Secure jobs with living wages and healthcare must not be rarities. Our shrinking middle class and growing lower class have virtually no savings and are deeply indebted. They cannot afford energy, and home ownership is becoming out of reach because of the mortgage crisis brought about by financial speculators. There are now two Americas, and our political stability and economic viability are at risk, because no democracy has ever survived without a vibrant middle class.

Implement a Strategy for National Economic Development.
We must ensure our industrial infrastructure is self-sufficient. Because we are highly dependent on a global economic supply chain, we are at the mercy of other nations for essential industrial components requisite for our defense and basic needs. As we have seen with oil, this is a dangerous predicament.

Protect Our Civil Rights and Restore Human Decency.
To sustain our democracy, we must protect our rights to privacy and freedoms of speech, inquiry, and petition. We must reverse the deterioration of a free press and unbiased media and ensure the survival of an unfettered Internet. We must stamp out governmental graft and pandering to special interests, and we must restore honor and transparency to business and politics.

We must vigorously pursue this agenda for the greater good and peacefully transform our government to once again reflect the values of our Founders. Together, we can cause our Nation to be managed for the long term, preserving our planet, security, rights, well-being, health, and opportunity.

We believe that we can innovate ourselves out of the mess we are in and create the greatest society in history. We must create a culture of plentitude rather than plundering, contention, and conflict.

We must create a future where our birthright is restored, and we create a legacy for our descendants.

This We Declaration is a call to action. It is the beginning of our heroic movement to restore our future, save our nation, and preserve our planet. We call upon the sincere youth, the fair-minded, and the legacy bearers to join our movement.

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We will succeed in our cause, because right always prevails over wrong.